Sandeep Metalcraft’s production unit is situated in the industrial area of Nagpur in India. Nagpur is home to many of India’s technological innovation companies and has an outstanding source platform with good infrastructure and connectivity. Being the geometric center of India, major national highways connecting the metros pass through Nagpur. Nagpur also has good connectivity to all sea ports of India and air connectivity to all major airports in India. Soon, Nagpur will have global air connectivity with Multi-modal International cargo Hub and Airport Nagpur (MIHAN) coming up in the city.

  • In our component assembly department, highly qualified specialists ensure the reliable quality of your products using clearly defined assembly processes. In cooperation with our customers, we carry out assembly according to instructions or drawings, ensure specific material standards and guarantee pristine delivery quality using customer specific functional testing. To further benefit our customers, we direct focused attention to the realization of potentials for continuous improvement and economizing. Clean-room facilities with stable temperatures provide consistent assembly conditions.

    List of Testing Machines
    • Time Testing Machines
    • Spinning Machines
    • Chronometers
    • Stroboscope
    • 'G' / Set Back Force Test Machines
    • RPM Measuring Equipment
    • Spring Load Testing Machines
  • At SMPL, we recognize Quality as the primary controlling factor in all our operations. Our Quality standards are reflected by the strength of our brand and ensure implementation of our integral concept: Product Development, Manufacturing, Sales and Service are fully linked in all stages of the product cycle because of supreme focus on Quality.

    The Quality culture and quest for quality is deeply ingrained in all parts of everyday life at SMPL, with a continuous endeavour to improve existing standards and enhance customer satisfaction. Extremely stringent quality control measures are undertaken to ensure complete compliance with all the customer requirements.

    Thus, we have made heavy investments in quality testing equipment, to ensure that our products are made exactly as per required specifications. Our quality assurance processes are based on a zero ­error strategy, to which end initial samples are exhaustively tested in our measurement lab and are documented via sample test reports. Once these initial samples are approved, manufacturing quality is carefully monitored during the entire production process through Line Inspection

    List of Testing Machines
    • 3D CMM
    • 2D CMM
    • Universal Testing Machines
    • Computerised Vision Analyser
    • Computerised Hardness Testing Machines
    • Floating Carriage Micrometer
    • Surface Finish Measuring Machine
    • Plating Thickness Measuring Machine
    • Optical Projector
    • Corrosion Test Equipment
    • Hardness Testing (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers)
  • We recognize the importance of timely delivery for projects, especially for development projects in which every day earlier the parts are ready counts a great deal. Our fully integrated in-house Tool Room aids our Production department by providing them with the Fixtures, Jigs, Gauges and Tools as per their requirement, to achieve extremely low turnaround times. A well-qualified and flexible team of specialists in our Tool Room transform our development team's ideas and insights into cost saving solutions on an ongoing basis. Equipped with the latest machinery available, our Tool Room focuses on improving efficiency, processes and safety, while also expanding our production capacity. We aim to be a complete precision engineering provider whose quality, inventiveness and reliability make our customers both loyal and contented, and who thus maintain long term relationships with us. You can count on us.