SMPL has built an enviable reputation for superior quality, cost effective products and fast services making us a fast growing global player.

The combination of engineering skills, modern, high technology machinery and the total flexibility of our management and workforce, ensure that SMPL has the ability to fulfill your requirements from the initial concept to final delivery of the finished product, properly and carefully packed.

Our technical team travels across the world to receive practical training through international programs to master the latest technology and machinery. This enables us to be at the fore-front of any technical innovations in our industry, thus ensuring that our customers’ products are manufactured in the most efficient way possible.

Timely-Delivery-NEW-1We understand that Time is a critical attribute in the development of new products and our system effectively incorporates that in our day-to-day working. We follow strict deadlines and employ an ERP software to ensure low delivery lead times.

Being situated in India, we pass on the cost advantage we get due to the reduced Quality-New-3labor rate to our customers. At the same time, we provide excellent quality standards which meet all the requirements of
the customer, resulting in cost-effective high-quality products.

Through progressive people and technology, SMPL has been actively partnering with companies around the globe and today, is a pioneer Tier I supplier to many engineering companies worldwide. To further facilitate global business, we are focusing on new business development with companies in Brazil, France, Italy and Sweden.

Cost-Saving-NEWWe regularly execute orders under the Government of India’s Offset Policy and are registered for the same with the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. Hence, we are cognisant with the ministry’s policies and procedures and our manpower and machinery are well equipped to handle their requirements.