About Us

  • Quality

    We are a self-reviewing organisation in perpetuity by adopting TQM as a way of life. We believe in the importance of the process. People and projects are evaluated both by their end results and the process adopted.
  • Customer Satisfaction

    We will be proactive, innovative and flexible in creating processes and plans to exceed customer expectations. We will integrate our manufacturing practices to meet our customer’s demands in a timely, cost efficient manner.
  • People

    We believe that people make an organisation and that its well-being is dependent on the commitment and growth of its people. There is a sustained effort through systematic training and planned career growth to develop employees’ talents and enhance job satisfaction. We create an enabling experience where the maximum self-actualization of every employee is achieved.
  • Integrity

    We act honestly and ethically, honoring all commitments made to our customers and vendors in our daily activities. We work in an environment where personal responsibility is achieved in all aspects of the business through fairness and respect.
  • Responsibility

    We believe in the integration of Safety, Health and Environmental aspects with all our business activities and ensure protection of employees and the environment.


We aim for maximum customer satisfaction by way of continual improvement of the process and quality systems of the organisation.


We will understand our customer needs, leverage the most up-to-the minute technologies, develop competencies and utilize every resource at our command to offer the highest quality solutions consistently and competitively to our customers in agreed time frames.