We are a self-reviewing organisation in perpetuity by adopting TQM as a way of life. We believe in the importance of the process. People and projects are evaluated both by their end results and the process adopted.


We believe that people make an organisation and that its well-being is dependent on the commitment and growth of its people. There is a sustained effort through systematic training and planned career growth to develop employees’ talents and enhance job satisfaction. We create an enabling experience where the maximum self-actualization of every employee is achieved.

Customer Satisfaction

We will be proactive, innovative and flexible in creating processes and plans to exceed customer expectations. We will integrate our manufacturing practices to meet our customer’s demands in a timely, cost efficient manner.


We act honestly and ethically, honoring all commitments made to our customers and vendors in our daily activities. We work in an environment where personal responsibility is achieved in all aspects of the business through fairness and respect.


We believe in the integration of Safety, Health and Environmental aspects with all our business activities and ensure protection of employees and the environment.

Up-to-minute technologies

Sandeep Metalcraft believes in being at the forefront of technical innovation. We have an in-house Design and Development Center, along with an integrated Tool Room to keep abreast with latest production technologies and effectively implement them in the process.

About Us

Established with an aim to offer the best, Sandeep Metalcraft Private Limited (SMPL) is one of the leading names in the field of Precision Manufacturing and Assembly. It is a mid-size ISO-9001:2008 & AS 9100C (DUNS Number 65-056-2978) certified, precision light mechanical engineering company established in the year 1989. SMPL specializes in the manufacture of High Precision Turned / Machined Light Engineering Components, Sheet Metal Components, Sub-assemblies & Assemblies.


Why Choose Us?

  • Extensive Portfolio of Products

    SMPL ‘s extensive portfolio of products and services comprises the following: Production Engineering, Turning, Milling, Drilling, Pressing, Grinding, Heat Treatment, Surface Treatment, Measuring, Assembly and Testing. The fact that we are a «ONE STOP SHOP» minimizes the logistics costs incurred by our customers.
  • Level of Precision Engineering

    The precision engineering of every component and assembly we make is assured by our high-¬tech machine fleet, a high degree of automation, continuous process optimization, and proactive process streamlining.
  • Top Quality Products

    Our team of measurement specialists ensure not only that you get top quality products, but also that the manufacturing process is documented for you in a clearly understandable manner.